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Cad page on new iPhone 6s

I downloaded the Caspage app on my new iPhone 6s but need to know how to activate it. Thank you Teresa Seese

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Same problem didn't have problems with android but can't do anything with my iphone
Same here on iPhone 7+ Have this iphone telephonnumber registrerd at the messagesevice active911 and got the device code. In CadPage i klick on Vendor Active911 but now need login and password that i dont have. Only have my member access but that dont work. We in our fire departement realy need this CadPage to work. It works perfekt on our Android users.

Use your active 911 member login, but use the device number for the password.

iPhone 7 plus same issue I don't know how to activate this I typed my email and for pass put my Active 911 code casue it's done threw vendor but it's not paging out I didn't have this issue on android it was just input code and done
Still trying to activate cadpage on iPhone.
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